Senior Sales Manager/Sales Director
Salary:Negotiate in person
Senior Sales Manager/Sales Director / 08:00Update

Job responsibilities:
1. Expand customer resources in new industries, such as photovoltaic inverter, energy storage, rail transit, 5G communication power supply, home appliance control panel, silicon carbide application related industries;
2. Be responsible for the customer's early contact, quotation, sample delivery, cooperation, collection, after-sales service tracking and other business related matters, and actively penetrate every sales link;
3. Be responsible for the sales services of the company's products and technical consulting services for customers;
4. Be responsible for tapping customer needs, recommending company products and realizing product sales;
5. Be responsible for developing the sales market of products, and completing various sales targets issued by the company;
6. Be responsible for sorting out the sales data of products and formulating the sales plan.

Job requirements:
1. Abide by the company's management regulations, identify with the corporate culture, have the spirit of striving and being proactive, and desire to realize their own values;
2. Good customer development ability and application market analysis ability;
3. At least 3 years working experience in related industries (chips, semiconductors, electronic packaging, micro assembly, power devices and modules, integrated circuits, electronic components, etc.)
4. Experience in developing group key customers, familiar with power electronic components industry or inverter system is preferred. Those who have the ability to explore customers from scratch are preferred;
5. Guided by terminal business and product reliability and consistency, the company welcomes people with lofty ideals to join in creating brilliance.

Deputy Financial Director
Salary:Negotiate in person
Deputy Financial Director / 08:00Update

Job responsibilities:
1. Assist the Chief Financial Officer to be responsible for the financial standardization of the company's preparation for IPO, including assisting the work of the clubhouse, securities dealers, lawyers, government departments and other external listing guidance institutions to meet the regulatory requirements of finance, tax and other aspects and the compliance requirements of internal control during the IPO process;
2. Organize and coordinate the management of the company's financial team, and provide corresponding data support to the financial director for relevant business conditions;
3. Establish and improve the financial management system of the Group to ensure the legal compliance and orderly implementation of daily work;
4. Be responsible for the preparation of financial statements, provide timely and effective financial analysis for the company's decision-making, effectively supervise the implementation of financial systems and budgets, and make appropriate adjustments;
5. Be responsible for the accounting and financial final accounts of the regional company, be responsible for the balanced allocation of the overall funds of the regional company, ensure the normal receipt and payment of funds, and improve the efficiency of fund use;
6. Be responsible for the preparation of the annual budget of the regional company; Monitor, inspect and supervise the budget implementation.

1. Bachelor degree or above in finance, finance, economics and other related majors, with the title of intermediate accountant or above and the qualification of certified public accountant preferred;
2. More than 5 years of financial work experience, more than 2 years of financial management experience, semiconductor manufacturing related industry experience is preferred;
3. Familiar with accounting standards and systems; Familiar with economic law, tax law, accounting law and other financial laws and regulations, skilled in using Excel, PPT, Kingdee, UFIDA and other financial software;
4. Familiar with financial model building, with strong logical thinking ability and comprehensive analysis ability;
5. Have good professional ethics and professionalism, good communication ability, organization and coordination ability and execution ability.

Cost Accounting - Factory
Salary:Negotiate in person
Cost Accounting - Factory / 08:00Update

Job responsibilities:
1. Review of sales quotation and purchase order; Arrangement, collection and allocation of materials, labor and expenses;
2. Determine the cost calculation method; Statistics, check and analysis of cost related data from various departments, and cost accounting;
3. Grasp cost dynamics, collect industry price information, analyze standard cost and actual cost variance, participate in the development of KPI indicators for each business department, and propose improvement plans for existing problems;
4. In combination with the company's business objectives, lead the construction of the overall cost management system, assist leaders in formulating the overall plan and implementation methods, and propose cost reduction control measures and suggestions;
5. Be responsible for the coordination and communication with all departments in the process of achieving cost control objectives, and take charge of the inventory regularly;
6. Complete other tasks assigned by department leaders.

1. College degree or above, major in financial management, accounting, budget and other related majors, skilled in operating office software, financial software, ERP software, etc., proficient in EXCEL functions, and good data analysis ability;
2. More than 2-3 years of cost accounting related work experience, with manufacturing (electronics, semiconductor) cost related work preferred;
3. Be familiar with relevant financial laws and regulations, accounting standards and enterprise internal control management system;
4. Good coordination, communication, organization and analysis skills;
5. Good professional quality and moral character, team spirit and anti pressure ability.

Quality Engineer/QE Engineer Factory
Salary:Negotiate in person
Quality Engineer/QE Engineer Factory / 08:00Update

Job responsibilities and requirements:

1. At least 3 years of quality management experience in semiconductor, packaging, microelectronics industry, college degree or above;
2. Ensure the orderly and normal operation of the whole production quality and effective supervision and handling of internal and external quality anomalies;
3. Be able to handle the quality problems raised by customers, have good solutions for the investigation, analysis and improvement of quality causes, handle quality returns and other matters, and timely reply to customers and follow up with the formation of 3D or 8D reports;
4. Be responsible for the work arrangement of all quality inspection personnel and ensure the orderly development of the entire quality inspection team;
5. Familiar with ISO9001 and ISO14,001 standards and system operation;
6. Be responsible for the contact and jury work of the second party and the third party, and implement the improvement of audit nonconformities;
7. Organize quality abnormality investigation and tracking, and implement improvement.

Welding line technician factory
Salary:Negotiate in person
Welding line technician factory / 08:00Update

Job responsibilities and requirements:
1. Familiar with KNS series (CONNX/ICONN/ELITE, etc.) wire bonder operation, equipment commissioning and equipment maintenance;
2. Familiar with welding line process SOP/QFP/SOT/QFN production process and quality standards;
3. Age 25-35 years old, high school degree or above, more than 5 years of working experience in semiconductor sealing and testing factory;
4. Able to work in two shifts (day shift and night shift) and 12 hour working system.

Scratch Engineer - Factory
Salary:Negotiate in person
Scratch Engineer - Factory / 08:00Update

Job responsibilities and requirements:
1. Proficient in the repair and maintenance of 4~12 inch Disco and ACCRETECH (Tokyo Precision) series models of grinding thinning and scribing cutting;
2. Be familiar with the main material characteristics and application rules of the sectioning project;
3. Proficient in the main control points and control methods in the dicing production process, and familiar with the control points of auxiliary equipment;
4. Proficient in equipment operation and independent completion of new product Set up;
5. Be able to flexibly use software and methods such as DOE and QC tools;
6. Proficient in FA analysis and reliability analysis methods of IC packaging products;
7. Have the ability to lead the formulation of FMEA, OCAP, CP and WI documents for IC production line;
8. Have systematic improvement methods and experience for IC packaging exceptions;
9. Have the ability to prepare and improve 8D reports;
10. At least 3 years working experience as a grinding engineer in the semiconductor industry, with a college degree or above.